Just really felt compelled to blog about the desperate need for this. The whole industry seems to be teetering from one uncertainty to another and the next deal is always just over the horizon. Well….here’s how to tackle it. Or at least make a very good start.

Own the problem that requires a decision or input from you.

Too many times decisions are made by a large number of people who are a small part of a large organisation. Each one of those individuals feels they need to fulfill a ‘Job Description’ and that is all they need to do. WRONG

What that engenders is political covering and that.creates.instability. No-one is sure if the decision, thus made, is true or fake-with-strings-attached. Hence instability. And it is worse now than ever.

Own the problem by trying to imagine what you would do if it was YOUR money. How would you decide then??!

With stability - people feel more comfortable making a commitment. To a project…to anything really. And long term business is best done with long term goals and projects committed to.

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